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Open Hours: Mon - Thurs 8:00am - 2:30 pm | Fri 8:00am - 3:00pm

Team Member


Eslyn Harris


Responsible for Region #3 (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) 

Ms. Eslyn Harris, with strong Berbice roots, was born in Georgetown. Her early schooling was achieved with contributions from Central High School, Government Technical Institute, Critchlow Labour College, American University of Peace Studies, University of Guyana, and Cipriani College of Labour Studies.

Though well prepared for specialist positions in the world of work, her natural humanity, coupled with an early pre-occupation with people, their rights, and progressive advancement, resulted in her current position of General Secretary of the Guyana Postal and Telecommunication Workers’ Union (GPTWU), since 2009.

Eslyn is also the Principal Assistant Secretary of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC). As General Secretary and the Chief Adviser and Consultant to the President, of GPTWU on matters of policy and other related issues, she negotiates on behalf of certain categories of employees within the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) and Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT).

Advocacy for the protection of workers' rights is her daily commitment, though conceding readily that much more needs to be done on their behalf. When asked directly what motivates her daily as an individual and in her roles as General Secretary and Principal Assistant Secretary respectively, her terse response is “I stand on the principles of rights and the rule of law.” These principles are the bedrock on which labour stands.

Ms. Harris has represented the Guyana Trades Union Congress and Guyana Postal and Telecommunication Workers’ Union locally, regionally, and internationally on various platforms. Her driving force as a Trade Unionist is that workers, past, present, and potential be respected and their rights protected. Equally, she champions diligence, hard work, and frugality as essential for successful businesses and increasing employee welfare. More than anything else, she assiduously strives for the empowerment of people.

Ms. Harris was recently elected Secretary of the Committee of Management (CoM) of the Guyana Public Service Co-operative Credit Union. This position allows her to serve the general membership, throughout Guyana. She explains that as a member of the CoM, her focus is to ensure that each member has access to and benefits from all the products the Credit Union offers.

She is the holder of a Certificate in Industrial Relations, a Certificate in Commerce, a Certificate in Emotional Intelligence, a Diploma in Law, a Diploma in Public Communication, a BSc. in Mass Communication, a Graduate Diploma in Development Studies, a Certificate in Human Relations, a Certificate in Human Resource Management.

As a member of the CoM team, she has been assigned oversight responsibility for the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara (Region 3). She is dedicating her energies towards empowering the membership and by extension the credit union through co-operatives.

Servant leadership remains her mantra.


Eslyn Harris

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